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1girl EMU Chapter

Our purpose is to raise awareness, funds and facilitate programs to carry out the mission of the nonprofit organization 1girl.

5th Dimension Dance Crew (5th Dimension)

5th Dimension was founded on November 15th, 2013. We want to inspire , uplift, and bring people together through the art of Dance. We try our best to incorporate different dance styles and backgrounds.

812 (Formerly Glory Phi God)

Our goal is to have a 812 chapter on every major college campus in America, so that, through the teaching of the word of GOD personal ministry, and effective outreach, each campus ministry will consistently increase in number and

Accounting Club

The Accounting Club is open to all students interested in accounting. The club's purpose is to promote leadership, explore potential careers in accounting, and provide networking opportunities for students. All of our meetings and activities are

Active Minds at Eastern Michigan University (Active Minds @ EMU)

Active Minds aims to increase awareness about mental health on campus in order to reduce mental health stigma and to encourage our students at EMU to seek help when needed.

Adventist Students for Christ (ASC)

Adventist Students for Christ is a movement led by the Spirit of God to prepare public university campuses for the imminent return of Christ.

African Students Association (ASA)

Mission Statement : Eastern Michigan's African Student Association anticipates educating African citizens, first generation and second generation Africans and students of

Aging Studies Program Student Organization (Formerly GPSO) (APSO)

To promote the study of aging among students, and increase awareness of the opportunities associated with membership in the aging profession.

Aikido Club at EMU (AYANA)

The Aikido Club at EMU aims to give students a free elementary teaching on the joint and energy manipulating martial art Aikido.


AIM Student organization is a non-denominational Christian group that is established to help encourage students at EMU to enhance their relationship with God.

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